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OneRemission Search

Get Informed. Take Action. Stop Worrying About Relapsing.

OneRemission is a mobile app that empowers cancer survivors to never relapse again.

Tiny Lifestyle Changes That Can Save Your Life
Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce relapse rates by 40%. With OneRemission you can find expert curated best post-cancer practices, diets, or exercise routines in seconds.

Uncover a Worry-Free World
When you leave the hospital, doctors forget about you instead of giving you a detailed plan to never get cancer again. With OneRemission you can safely know you are doing everything in your power to maximize your chances of not relapsing.

An Integrative Oncologist In Your Pocket
Imagine being able to ask your doctor a question 24/7. Integrative Oncology is a field of cancer care that fights cancer through non-intrusive diet and lifestyle changes. No side effects, no pain, but you can still have huge results.

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